All breakfast sessions will be held at the ICC Sydney on Friday 20 October 2017 from 7.30 until 8.45am. Details will be updated as they become available.



Integration of taping into animal rehabilitation
Presenter: Raquel Butler



Modern Airway Clearance: New devices and thinking in chronic and acute care.
Speaker: Brenda Button


Discussion will include:

How new thinking can inspire research and change clinical practice
New airway clearance devices in chronic and acute care (including Metaneb and Aerobika).



Closing the ‘understanding gap’ about disability among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Speaker: Scott Avery


Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander people experience disability at twice the rate of other Australians. Despite the prevalence of disability in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Torres lslander communities, the research and evidence base on disability derived from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge systems is largely absent. The First Peoples Disability Network, a non-government disability organisation established by and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability, is undertaking the ‘Living our ways’ research project which captures the lived experiences of disability through narrative and storytelling.


Using the narratives of lived experience of disability, this seminar will highlight how the cultural belief systems on inclusion and diversity differs from westerenised concepts of disability, and outline the implications for public disability policy including the NDIS and Closing the Gap strategies.



Informing APA’s Aged Care Policy Q&A
Speakers: ‎ Rik Dawson, David Nicholls


Aged care as we know it is set for a revolution. This Q&A offers members the unique opportunity to better understand the APA’s position on the future of Physiotherapy in aged care. In particular Rik will describe the APA’s policy discussions with the Federal Government on Aged Care and where physio fits into the new ACFI guidelines and home care packages. This breakfast will give members an opportunity to discuss their views on the future of aged care with Rik and David. Participants will have a chance to comment and feedback to Rik and David about their particular concerns and ideas.



Evidence: who needs it? (I already know what I am doing)
Speakers: Taryn Jones, Cath Granger, Louise Ada, Cath Dean


Active Lifestyle Coaching in Paediatrics
Speaker: Janke de Groot


Women’s, Men’s & Pelvic Health / Cancer, Lymphoedema & Palliative Care

The pelvic floor following pelvic cancer: Maintaining momentum through cancer survivorship
Speaker: Helena Frawley


Dr Frawley is an Associate Professor and NHMRC Research Fellow within the Department of Physiotherapy at Monash University in Melbourne. Her research is focused on pelvic floor muscle measurement studies and conservative therapies to treat pelvic floor dysfunction. In this session, Dr Frawley will be discussing issues related to pelvic floor dysfunction following pelvic cancer and the implications for physiotherapy management.



Can we tailor physiotherapy management of musculoskeletal injuries to avoid surgery?
Speaker: Jeremy Lewis + Panel (TBC)